The Perils of Self-Publishing

The thing is, when you decide to publish an eBook, is that you underestimate the time, and detail it requires. You get in the mind-set of, well everyone else seems to have no problem with it, people who have self-published, suddenly gain an air of arrogance as they claim that it was “So-so easy, well I could have done it in my sleep!”

Let me tell you this now, it’s excruciating, I’m publishing a novella, and this has taken up more of my life, then my Dissertation! I know, by throwing it out there, I’m entering a very diverse and competitive market, so for the first time in my life, I want perfection, I don’t want people to this that my book is a waste of time and kindle (or insert relevant reading device here) space.

The reason I’m having a moment like this, is that my book cover designer David, has sent me the completed version, which means it’s finally complete.
then I realised I needed to line the content to the chapters and I have just ended a two day angst on trying to figure out how too…of course now I’ve figured it out, life is wonderful. But 48 hours of feeling I’ve let myself down because I was clueless at what to do, made me question everything I have ever known about myself.

Also it’s the fact that, the moment I hit send…then it’s done, and now after all this time I’m hesitant, though my mum will be delighted as I did promise her, the day it came out, would be the day I would try to quit smoking.

I’m using the world try deliberately, as previous attempts have failed and the last time I went on the patches I transformed into such a Banshee, my previous firm actually went out, bought me a pack of Mayfair lights and begged me to remove the patch!

What scares me is before the week is out, it should be out…then it’s out. The moment you’re standing on a great height and have to decide whenever to jump or not…this is the moment.

Wish me luck everyone xx

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