The release date

So its official, from today I am a published writer, my name is on the map …oh sorry, already done that one! (Ok it’s an old one, but I like it).

So for those who were wondering, this is the book

The story of my dog, the fantastic, the wonderful…the not quite there, Spike Portugal.

I know, you may think it’s a strange tale to tell, but it’s the story I just wrote for two people, and now it has the potential to be read by more than that.

Not saying I’m not nervous, I hardly slept last night thinking about this. But now it’s done, and it’s out there. Just right now typing this feels so surreal.

My week started out pretty inauspiciously, I was planning to spend the Monday I had off work, doing nada until my nephew asked me, if I had ever been to Madame Tussauds? Please note, the way he say it, it’s not a question, but a request!
Even though we were going against everything we had ever been taught as Londoners, which is to leave London to the Tourist in August, since it’s ours for the rest of the year. We decided to head down at 9:30, since it was early…to find the rest of London had the same idea, which led to 2 ½ hours in a queue. Thank god I managed to get a two-for-one voucher and it cost us (well me) only £30.

Actually paying for a Museum is more of a novelty event, since the majority of them are free. Now when something is free, you really don’t care if it’s good or bad, since it’s a distraction for a few hours. Though I have always respected the Natural History Museum for being both free and fantastic.

Service to say, Tussauds is a disappointment, I could be waxing lyrical for ages about this, but the biggest issue I had was the Olympians or lack of them. A year ago, my beloved London was the host of the 2012 games, a moment when London seemed so much nicer. So naturally in tribute to this, I was expecting a few Olympian wax models, which would have been nice for nephew since he’s a gymnast after all.

All we saw was Jessica Ennis, who won gold in the heptathlon, and bronze medal winner Tom Daly. What bothered me was the lack of the Paralympic athletes, the sad fact that Ellie Simmonds, the swimmer won 2 gold medal in the Beijing games in 2008, at the age of 13, and then won 2 more last year. Isn’t she worthy enough of a Wax Work, since she’s too young to drink in clubs, but old enough to represent her country?

However the Marvel experience at the end was excellent, but would I go again?
No never.

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