Joining the right forum…and a kick into gear!

So since I go about everything in the wrong way, after the book had come out, I then find out that it’s best for self published authors, to find a writers forum to have intellectual conversations, share ideas and find support.  

Right, well ok then, my first attempt ended in total disaster, when after a comment I made about people assumptions about others, something I happen to be an expert in since I’m from a working class area, was pretty much voted, “Least likely to get anywhere”, but managed to work my way into what I now have, but people look at me and assume otherwise, they stand there like an extra from The Thick of It, dropping intellectual sounding words, which have no meaning in the real word, then are left red-faced when I point out their wrong.

But because my grammar wasn’t exact, because a comment on a forum which your writing at stupid o’clock in the morning…I got called a “t**t for my troubles!

So the first night, of reaching out to fellow writers…and I get abuse! Classy I know, at least I give the moderators on this forum their dues, for having a go at this individual, and not giving my any issue, when I contacted them asking for them to delete my account, and any posts I had made.

Can I just stress, that everyone else on this forum was really nice, and even the poster who made the comment did apologise, but yeah it really did sour the experience.

So that left me to find another forum.

I first heard of the National Novel Writing Month, at a book event last year. It’s a simple idea really, from wiki: NaNoWriMo challenges participants to write 50,000 words of a new novel between November 1 and 30. But you can start writing at any time, and people are so friendly.

I haven’t really discussed ideas with anyone, but it’s a good place to go to exchange ideas and leave fun comments and it’s such a good atmosphere, also thanks to them, the moment I joined them I began to feel confident about writing again, even though I do have “The Life of Spike”, I began to feel my own lack of confidence begin again…which leads to writers block, which leads to a very unhappy Jodie! I do feel like, I put pressure on myself for stating on my bio page on my book, that was working on my second story, when all I had was a plastic envelope with an A5 notebook with some ideas.

The idea I had, I’m now knuckling down with it, but I don’t think this year I’m going to make 50’000 words, since the original story I’m adapting has less then 30’000 it has given me an incentive for the future.

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