A nephew’s surprise

Right now, its Tuesday 3rd September, and I’m trying not to freak myself out. My nephew, decided to contact the local paper and to tell them about my book…and ok then. So I got the call yesterday, who told me about it! Which led to a major freak out, but I’ve agreed to do it. Last night I sent them the pictures I had, and noticed a small error in the book concerning the confusions of names, so I re-uploaded it.

On a side note, I have decided for my next book to engage the services of a professional proof-reader, even though Emma and Phil did do a fantastic job, it seems unfair to ask them again.

So in the space of 48 hours, people in my area are going to know about the book. But even though I do love my nephew and I’m proud he mentioned it, due to the mention of Botwell Common frequently in the book, which is now under the threat of development and yes, I want to save it.

I walk past it everyday, I now walk my dog on its fields, and yes it shouldn’t be a school when there is enough space at existing schools to expand.

You know even though I’m sitting here in a strange state of Zen and “Oh my God”. If there is a middle ground, please someone out there let me know what it is!

Yes I’m hoping that someone out there could hear about this, someone more higher-ups then the people who decided to rip the Common apart, even though I bet those people have never stepped on its fields, and perhaps that special someone out there could save it.

Ok, yes I do believe in miracles, right now only my middle sister knows about this within the family. Of course tomorrow is going to change that.


So let us see that tomorrow will bring!

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