Front pages, destroyed land and shattered bones

So it’s been a while since I’ve blogged, as in the last month life has been totally insane.

 Well the article came out, and I thought I was going to be buried somewhere. Only to find I was on the front page instead! Which began a very surreal several days, since well more people knew about the book, and when I was buying several copies of the Gazette to send to people, the lovely guy behind the till, gave me them at a reduced price to congratulate me!

Also, because I think this is too sweet not to write, the other day in the local pharmacy, the Pharmacist asked my mum if “I was her daughter who wrote that book about a dog?” Though I think it’s just the surname connection…sadly though it hasn’t helped save the Common, since I was driven past it the other day, to find them ripping up the Playground.

The field where I spent so much of my childhood being raped before my eyes and it seems no one higher up gives to damn. What power do I have, no matter how loud I scream? The Mayor of London himself was happy to destroy the green belt of London, without ever seeing why Botwell Common is so important.

In other news, the reason I’ve been absent, is I’ve just come out of hospital because on Thursday 26th September, I was getting off the bus in Stockley Park, when I fell off said bus and have completely shattered my ankle. There is more to this, which I’ll get too later, but right now this is a brief catch up moment in the life of Miss Jodie Portugal

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