Resolutions and Returns

So I’ve just started the process of editing the NaNoWriMo story, even though it won’t be out until October, for this one I am really striving for perfection, even if it means I’ve now cut out 5000 words.

I’ve finally gone back to work, on reduced hours but not for long. Which at the time I thought I didn’t need, and of course I was wrong! But getting back into my routine and meeting my new physiotherapist Katie so my foot is being tested to the limits, which is exactly what I needed.

It feels very strange being back at Heathrow, of course I’m able to settle back into my old routine pretty well and pretty much get on with it.
Not that I don’t love Heathrow, after all I work at the World’s largest Commercial Airport, and each day is a world of organised chaos. Also I’ve seen the new Terminal 2, and it looks stunning. Unlike the mistake they made with Terminal 5, which is a beautifully designed symmetric building of glass and steel, which cannot be seen because of the car park and hotel. I worked on the T5 project before it was completed, and it looked beautiful when the sun shone on it. Terminal 2 structurally looks similar but more open, since it still sits next to Terminal 1. I seriously hope to get a few shifts when it opens in June this year.

Now I refuse to say that I do for a living, but since there are 150’000 people who work there, I leave it to you to use your imagination.
But at the same time, at I’m now getting my life back, there are so many things I need to do with my life. This is why I decided to compile a to-do list

1. Do a charity abseil, bonus points if it’s Battersea Power Station, completed 12th July 2014
2. Be an artist’s model, I have scars on my right foot and a Rubenesque figure. There must be someone who wants to immortalise me!
3. Go Paintballing
4. Go up a mountain, and when I get to the top re-enact Kate Bush’s Wuthering Heights…not singing it, because no one can sing it but her.
5. Jump off a building onto an inflatable, bonus points if I can get St Barts, since it’s the one Sherlock jumped off!
6. Get my third tattoo, completed 14th March 2014
7. Walk up the stairs, all fifteen step without holding onto the wall or anything, completed 1st March 2014
8. Walk the dog, completed 15th June 2014
9. Give Blood, completed 14th August 2014

10. Get “the dream” to come true
11. Take part in an historical re-enactment
12. Go Larping
13. Stay in the Ice Hotel and see the Northern Lights
14. Re-enact “What’s Opera Doc”, on stage
15 Walk up the O2

Some things I really wish could happen
1. Meet Ron Perlman
2. Be in a music video for Portugal the Man
3. Take part in a Dungeon and Dragons Campaign narrated by Vin Deisel
4. Meet Tom Hiddleston, even better have a scene opposite him…I just have to hand him a coffee or something, because that smile is wonderful!
5. Have a voice in an animation opposite Frank Welker, the “voice acting god” and the direct heir to the legendary Mel Blanc
6. Be in an episode of Doctor Who, along with MT. He’s a total Whovian and it would be awesome to meet Peter Capaldi

So apart from discussing my latest projects, from now on I’m going to be documenting my bid to complete all on my list, even if the last 6 really are wishful thinking

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2 Responses to Resolutions and Returns

  1. kyrahalland says:

    wow, you’ve been through a lot! Best wishes for getting your life back on track and with your to-do list and your writing!

  2. Jodie says:

    Hi Kyra, thanks for the sweet message. And good luck to you too xxx

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