Beta reads, Phil Norris and new ink

In the past few weeks I’ve managed to complete 2 of which has been dubbed “The Geekest List of all time”. Sadly Tom Hiddleston, Ron Perlman, nor Portugal the Man have found it and thought “Oh she sounds interesting, I would love to meet her”, even though I live in hope!

I’m still doing edits on my Christmas story, and also been doing a Beta read for Phil Norris who took the time last year to proof read “The Life of Spike” twice!  Now his new book is called “Life in the Fast Lane”, it’s a sort of Alternative Fiction/Steam Punk adventure, a genre which admittedly I have never read before, but it pulled me in with no problems and it’s just delicious.

Now how I met Phil is interesting because I’ve never actually met him. A while ago I put a blast out on the most popular Science-Fiction magazine in the country’s forum, to see if anyone wanted to read my work, and he responded. I guess it’s the marvel of the technological age we live in, where two writers can meet in such a manner. Well this is his blog, which I hope you all check out.

In other news, I’m finally back to work full time, walking more and as mentioned above started to complete the list, the first one was the walking up the stairs filmed by my teenage nephew Callum, who my first book is dedicated too and getting my third tattoo. This happened on the 14th March, and it was done because I had a wowcher voucher which I saw as a sign.

It happened on one of my rare trips to London, in Wood Green at D’Angels Nails and Tattoos and my tattooist was a fantastic young woman called Braxton. Now the tattoo I got, I’ve always wanted but as I was waiting of course nerves began to set in. The thing is about tattoos is that they hurt, but they are a pain that you choose to go through, the same with child birth or giving blood which I can’t do anyway until I’m 100% walking anyway and now have to wait 4 months to do it…give blood that is, not go through childbirth!

So here I was, the tattoo in the place I wanted and the needle was going in, and like always there is always a brief moment of “Oh my god, what am I doing?”. But then, to my embarrassment I got really emotional from the pain, which is even in hindsight totally ridiculous. It’s my third tattoo after all, the first I got when I was 19 and it took a deliberate year of waiting just to make sure I was ready and was more excitement than anything else as it meant I was a grown up. The second was when I was in my mid 20’s, so this is not a new pain for me, but when you get a tattoo, and your lying there with the needle going in you, and no way to back out.

Then you start to get very philosophical about things, there is no denying that pain had been a part of my life for almost 6 months, pain that was never my choice and something that just happened, and as I’ve previously mentioned a part of me disappeared that day. By getting a tattoo by choice and going through the pain by choice, it was like I was myself again, even though Braxton must have thought I was a right idiot!

But 3 weeks on I have a lovely healed new tattoo, and I’m not going to be putting pictures it on this blog or anywhere else. All three of my tattoos are private, but what I will tell you is that it is the symbol of the Sumerian mother goddess of the mountains, Ninhursag. Which means it is a symbol over 5000 year old, and those who know me, would have figured it out in seconds!

Oh and here’s also the video of me walking up the stairs. xx

Yes I put it on YouTube, because haven’t updated my wordpress yet

So this concludes the latest update of my so called life, thanks for reading x

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