A Zombie Crawl!

So here we are in May, and I’m playing catch up with my blog

First of all I took time out from what I should be doing and entered the Zombie Writers Competition for SFX magazine. A 1500 word Zombie story, written by a woman who knows dick about writing about Zombies! Of course I love Zombie stories, from Warm Bodies (which has the most adorable Zombie ever). Since the film was billed as a zombie successor to the dredges of fantasy called the Twilight saga. It’s a million times better and a highly recommended film and the DVD has some of the funniest outtakes ever. I would say check them out, but I’m going to post them at the bottom of the page. There is also Shaun of the Dead, the first of the “Cornetto Trilogy”, but not the best (that is still Hot Fuzz). Day of the Dead (of course, I’m not a barbarian) and World War Z. Even though the book is still sitting on my shelf, and I only saw the film because I knew Peter Capaldi was in it as a W.H.O Doctor, not that I need an excuse to geek out! But I’ve never really thought about writing a Zombie story, and I know that everything has been done, since after you read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, you know there is nothing new. So I wrote about the things I love the most, set in my favourite places in the world and explored a bit about how a zombie rising would affect the culture of said place. I’m not sure if it will be accepted, but I have to admit it was fun coming out of my comfort zone and trying to write a story in 1500 words or less.

In foot news, I am finally off my stick, even though every time I put my foot down it still feels like I’ve been stabbed in the damn thing. I know this situation isn’t permanent but it is so frustrating, as every time I do something, I have to factor in the foot. I’m not saying the titanium controls my life; it’s just this niggling thing in the back of my mind. Once again this has given the suggestion that I’m totally 100%, and I have to keep reminding people that I’m not. Though I did use it to an advantage a few weeks ago, by doing a Terminal 2 Trial day, since I realised that there will be a lot of passengers as stubborn as me and would refuse wheelchair assistance and I was still on the stick at this point. So my thought on the new T2, the first thing about an empty Terminal is it reminds you funnily enough of a zombie apocalypse, as memories of December of 2010 will attest to. Nothing more unnerving, the week before Christmas and being the only person (in sight at least) walking through Terminal 1, and the information tannoy is still operating. First of all T2 is deceptive, as it’s bloody massive! It’s amazing how they managed to fit so much stuff into such a small area, it sleek and there are some awesome shops, that I’ll be sure to hit it after a shift and on payday! Sadly no pictures could be taken, but the centrepiece is this sculpture called Slipstream, by the artist Richard Wilson, which is huge. Here’s a picture, though to be honest I prefer the dancing fountain at Terminal 5, because it’s always awesome to walk through it on the hottest days of the year, straight after ripping my staff ID off, whilst sipping on a massimo mocha cooler from Costa.


With regards to my writing, I’ve finished my novella editing…and am now doing it all over again, because as I’ve mentioned before I want perfection with this one, and to pursue my ambition of reclaiming the “dream”, I did half a TEFL course in London, two weeks ago. By half it was a two-day course and being in London on my moon boot (I only use that when I’m going into central London) caused it to for want of a better word almost destroy me. Thankfully the TEFL Academy were awesome enough to let me finish the course in 2 weeks’ time, but more on that later.

About the “geek list”, more on that in the next post and in two days’ time I am going to be treading the boards in a play at the Compass Theatre in Middlesex.

Anyway I have to round off now, I have a rehearsal in the afternoon and it’s free comic book day, and the first time in years I can enjoy the bounty of free comics. Hope you all have a great Bank Holiday xx


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