Abseils and Completion


Picking up exactly where I left off, so the weekend of the 4th of May to be exact I was in a play called “Music from the Movies”, from the group Singability. Dana Burton the creator of said group wrote the play and I was in the first scene as girl 3…which I thought was funny as in my family I actually am the third girl, and the fourth scene as a handmaiden…ok never been that in my life! The fourth scene was a lot of fun as it was a scene set in the silent era and everything we did on stage was a mime! It sounds strange to explain, but it was a lot of fun and admittedly the other three actors and myself were given a bit of a free reign on the characters so, even though I was small part in the scene, I also got a happy ending. Also very awesome treading the boards again, the moment before you go on stage, there is always moments of apprehension and the fear of screwing up. Once you’re on stage, everything is perfect.

In other news the book is finished, been edited, spell checked, run through Grammarly and now I have to give it to the beta readers to look through as well as sorting out the front cover. Feeling very positive at the moment about it though, admittedly I’ve only got the week trial of Grammarly as I’m still unsure of buying the entire package. But it looks pretty good so far and I really needed it because for some reason word on my laptop was set to American English, and not English English which I didn’t realise until colour came up as Color! That said I understand why we Brits evolved to keep the original spelling and pronunciation of words, whilst America evolved to pronounce things how they sound, not how they are spelt. It also doesn’t change the fact that any affection the UK or even Europe may have had for Tim Burton’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was severely diminished due to the overuse of the word “Candy” in place of “Chocolate”, even though it did bring joy to my heart that Charlie was so nauseatingly sweet that his eventually corruption into a second Willy Wonka would just be fantastic…speaking of fantastic so was Deep Roy as all the Oompa Loompas. And as always I’m getting distracted.

So my second book, what can I say right now apart from that it’s a Christmas Story and due out at the end of October? I am proud of it, and I openly maintain “The End” are the two greatest words in the English language!

With regards to the “Geek List”, I decided to tackle number 1, which was to do a charity abseil. Sadly my original dream of descending Battersea PowerStation will never come to fruition as the historical building is being turned into flats, which a peasant like me could never afford to live in. It took a bit of searching, but eventually I discovered The Charity for Civil Servants and their abseil off the Royal Court of Justice building. It was 150 feet, and I was so looking forward to it, until they called my 2 days after I booked my place, because part of the roof had collapsed and now the area was structurally unsound. Competed in 1882, and now the roof had collapsed. Seriously, sometimes I wonder if an element of drama surrounds me as the most mundane things becomes an issue…like getting off a bus!

Thankfully I found that London Zoo was doing an abseil for the protection of Asian Lions, which are awesome and there are only 400 left in the wild. So I’ve signed up for that, with the total permission of my physiotherapist of course. At the top of this post is my sponsor page, if there is anyone out there who would like to sponsor me? I would be really grateful xx

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