Acknowledgments, 5km and the “Muchness”

So here we are in June, weather is getting warmer. Phil’s book is out, and I got a lovely acknowledgment at the start. Also the book is awesome, here is the link

In other news, my beta readers are still going through the book, and for a moment I’m getting some distance between it and myself. So when I go back again it will seem fresh, I’m also still drafting out the anthology and, of course trying to get my life sorted.

Speaking of life to recapture some of my “Muchness,” the thing I lost on the 26th September 2013. I decided to do Race for Life two weeks ago in Windsor, even though Katie my physio said it would be all right. In hindsight I really should not have done it, in some way perhaps I was hoping the moment I crossed the finish line, the pain would be gone forever the world will be awesome.

Also it was my 10th with my best friend Emma, even though we joked for years that on our 10th we would do a 10k…Yeah no chance of that.

We decided to take it easy and just in case I took my stick with me just in case, and thankfully it wasn’t needed but oh my god it was excruciating. I even had to stop at the halfway point, to put some deep freeze, and whoever invented it. I salute you almost daily.  It was our longest Race for life, clocking in at 67 minutes and alas when I crossed that finish line there was no transformation into a pain free life, but I now do have medal number 10 to add to the collection.


Here’s a picture of us straight after the walk, Emma looks fabulous

Of course, the aftermath of this was, since my physio has advised me to take it easy, and rest it more. But because I’m too overzealous and stubborn as hell. I was at work, when I had a fall, my foot swelling up to epic proportions. Thankfully I have fantastic colleagues, who assisted me, but it was one of those “I hate feeling like this moments”. I don’t often get these moments, but I still get them but I have finally ticked off another number off the Geek List, I have finally walked my dog. I did it yesterday, and here’s the proof. Yes, that ball of fluff is my dog Jen taken on Botwell Common.


Isn’t she cute?

So, thanks for reading and for those who are wondering since the World Cup is on, even though I’m not exactly a fan of the beautiful game. I do support Everton, but that’s because my dad is an Evertonian, and because I’m asked this question every 4 years. I’m supporting the country of my ancestors, the country of greatness, culture and sheer badassery…Denmark!*

Before I forget, I saw A Million Ways To Die In The West, and it is awesome. Here’s the trailer, go see it.

*I wish, next time guys, next time xx

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