The Perfect Weekend

When you’re a shift worker, weekends lose their meanings; oh this is not a whinge that I work shifts, because I love working shifts. It’s awesome having days off in the week. But when you get a few days off, they become your weekend, and this Friday and Saturday (25th and 26th) have been fantastic. This is not in the right order, but let me first tell you all of a secret part of London that I found on Friday. Madd Hatters, which I only found because I got a Wowcher for a divine Ice Cream, Brownie and Drink Set for 2. The other half in these shenanigans was my nephew Callum, since I had finally taken him out. Something we both realised hadn’t happened since last year which was our outing to Madame Tussauds, since you know that whole learning to walk all over again issue!

It’s based in Great Newport Street, and we originally walked past it, because it’s also the location of the Theatre for Ghost Stories, another London play I have never seen, and really should because having these two places together seems to work in the organised chaos that makes up the fabric of London. The place is just brilliantly put together, warm, open and just has a relaxed atmosphere about it.

And the food is just fantastic, with the brownies being gluten free are just delicious and the flavours of the ice cream are different from what you would expect from most ice cream houses. Instead of the more generic flavours, we had green tea (a personal favourite of mine) combined with mango, combined with chocolate, which was in the centre of the ice cream, so it was like peeling back layers of taste.

The drinks we had were passion fruit and mango and were perfect for the hot day, and unlike some places in London where they just want to feed you, and get you out of the door with Madd Hatters, there is a very relaxed easy atmosphere, and they also offer take away service since we didn’t finish our brownies…they were that rich and moist. Also we both noticed how quiet it was, now Leicester Square being you know Leicester Square, as in one of the most busy and chaotic parts of London was only a stone’s throw away and it was so quiet you wouldn’t think it.

At the till I also got to chatting with the Manager Hove, and coincidently he’s also from Middlesex and makes the commute each day, and if he is reading this, as I did say to him I would be mentioning this on my blog, he is lovely. Kind, professional and I salute him for his business ethic since this place is only about 2 months old and not really on the London radar yet…and it should be.

So all I can say is, go to Madd Hatters, and here is the link and please order the brownies.

Now starting off this adventure, prior to this Callum and I went to Hyper Japan at Earls Court 1, something I was initially wary of since I was having flashbacks to the failed Comic Con from the other week. Thankfully we were in the building in less than an hour and it was good, since it was Earls Court 1 I was expecting more there, but everything was on the lower level, there was enough food stalls and there was a nice relaxed atmosphere. I didn’t really buy anything, but I was nice to see the two countries coming together and showing some aspects of Japanese culture, even though it was a reminder deep down of what I’m missing, but the cosplayers were fantastic and I posed for a picture with a CG Character!

Me and the Mario Bros.

Me and the Mario Bros.

After this was Madd Hatters, and then we saw How to Train Your Dragon 2, and I will put my hand up and admit that I wanted to see it, because I love the first and think it’s one of the best films that DreamWorks have ever released, (well everything’s better then Shark Tale, and this one had no “ink suit actors” in it, there are similarities especially with the facial expressions, but that’s pretty much it) this was on the same level and unlike the first which took a while to build momentum, this just started straight in the action and I won’t spoiler anything but it’s brilliant, and just give it an Oscar next year. Here’s the trailer…enjoy.


Naturally a day of brilliance, has to have consequences so as expected because I forgot the Deep Freeze and my foot was in pain, but the time I got home, combined with the heat led to a sleepless night and I missed the Liesel Schwarz signing at Waterstones Uxbridge. After I had finally dragged myself out of bed I headed down there to see if they had any copy of the books  only to get the last of the book set, only there was an awesome young woman there before me who had been looking for exactly the same reason.

Needless to say I felt like crap, because of course I wanted the books, but she was there before me so of course I tried to give them to her, but she turned them down which made me feel worse. As I got chatting to her I learned that she was a writer, so to make up for the fact that I felt so bad, I promised her there and then the moment I got home I would buy her book. And this is a promise I kept, so brand new on my Kindle, this is the book

I will confess that I haven’t started it yet, but it looks fantastic, and once again I’m really sorry…but I hope the cupcake was delicious xxx

It was lovely

It was lovely

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