Mine’s a pint of the Red Stuff!

So writing news I’ll get too later, but finally with  all the drama going on in my life, which alas I can’t talk about right now…Jodie has a secret, what could it be?

I have finally completed another off the Geek List, and that is to give blood, aka the list I made when I was off my head on painkillers and just wanted to feel normal again.

First of all giving blood is not a new occurrence for me, it’s actually my 14th, since I have an unofficial competition going with my sister R who is three years older than me, but on her 15th and I’m determined to get to the sacred 25 Donations before she does, which was a target both my parents reached. Also, I had an operation when I was 5 and received blood, and ever since then I was determined to give it, or else I’ll be a “Blood Thief.” This is what I openly consider anyone who does the above, end of the day if someone out there donates blood that saves your life and you do not return the favour, then you are a blood thief. Of course, if you cannot donate due to health reasons, or religious reasons then fine, but everyone can donate even those of other religions, here’s some light reading





Which was given to me by my friend Naveed since both his parents work in the medical profession, he’s a devout Muslim and a blood donor.

However, it had been over a year since my last donation, since the accident and of course my tattoo, which I did on the 14th August, straight after Physio (Which is going brilliantly) in Uxbridge Civic Centre. Since I didn’t book an appointment, I was expecting to be there for hours, so at least I had “About a Girl” by Lindsey Kelk to finish, which I ended up giving to a young woman (after I did finish it) whom I noticed didn’t have a book, not that I didn’t enjoy it, I really did. But since I own over 1000 books, I never have the space to keep them, and I live under the “Do good things for others mentality.” Also I had just brought “One Night in Italy” by Lucy Diamond, which is not her real name, but if my last name wasn’t the awesome “Portugal.” And I wanted a different one to write with, “Diamond” would be the type of thing I would go with.

So it was quite nice to be seen in less than half an hour even though my pinprick test, which for the unknown is when they take a small sample of your blood to test it for the haemoglobin (iron) levels. But because my life is a drama mine was a bit low that day, so they had to take a little more. Because if it was too low it could mean I was anaemic again…the last thing I wanted since I spent the first 11 years of my life anaemic, and well it sucks royally!

Thankfully the second test was fine, and five minutes later I was in the chair…and on cue the heavens opened and the rain fell…how ominous! What happens next is so simple, they sterilise the arm, put the needle in, tape it said right arm as they have to go through the arm I write with as the veins on my left are too deep! You clench and unclench your hands, to get the blood flow going, and five minutes later it’s done, and that is it, now how scary does that sound in the great scheme of things?

I look like crap, but I really don't care

I look like crap, but I really don’t care

Also the blood I gave can save the life of nine premature babies, and can help 3 adults…in perspective, it’s not hard. And my blood is always needed, since I have a blood type that only 7% of the population has.

Me in liquid form. Isn't is pretty?

Me in liquid form. Isn’t is pretty?

Here’s more light reading


It is interesting however different blood types affect different cultures, for example; my beloved Japan have this proven untrue but still prevalent in the culture that a person’s blood type (ketsuekigata) indicates personality traits.



 I’ve read enough Manga and seen enough Anime to know it’s not uncommon for a character to have their blood type listed in their bio, or to have a personality in accordance to that blood type to the point that Korea even brought out a film about it. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/My_Boyfriend_Is_Type_B 

I’ve never seen it, but you get the gist of where this is going.

End of the day, giving blood was important to me, because it finally felt I was doing something normal, doing something good. Also, it annoys the hell out of me that there are people in this world that have a certain smugness that they do not give blood, or they use the excuse that they are scared of needles…it takes five minutes of your life to save a life.  So what are you waiting for?

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