Finding a professional editor and a new smiley face!

So since I’m playing catch-up with my life and my blog, let’s see where I should begin.

Well since I’m still healing from having that lump of useless removed, my left arm is still practically dead, I can’t stress about anything this month, and I have to keep from pulling on my stitches, which is causing me some frustrations.

But I finally engaged a professional editor for my book and courtesy of google came across Windy Hill Editing, a purple website which is always a good thing in my eyes, the rates were good and Heather D. Sowalla the editor, seems nice, since she lives in the States and I live in the UK but I am entrusting my “baby” to her. But I got good vibes from the emails, so right now it’s out of my hands and in America!

So really not thinking about it at the moment, give it a few weeks, also very strange since I’m not touching the Zombie Anthology for a few more weeks, but also can’t wait to crack on with that. Right now I do feel like this is the calm before the storm.

Additionally I wasn’t selected as a finalist for Miss Plus Size, kudos since a few of the woman I met had been selected, and I really do hope they do well. Someone did ask me though if they thought it was because of the whole “I have a limp issue?”

No, end of the day no one is that cruel and in the great scheme of things I know it would have cost a small fortune to get to Manchester for the finals so at least I don’t have to worry about that. At the same time it would have been nice to wear a stunning gown, to walk down a runway have my hair styled, but not straightened…and all that stuff. I do happen to believe in total equality, but the only time that’s ever happened is the three occasions I’ve been a bridesmaid. I was even happy to show off my scars, I have no issue with showing off my scars, since they are totally marvellous. The latest addition to my body is, of course, from the surgery…and it is so cute! Seriously, I have the cutest little scar ever, it’s like a little smiley face!

But besides that, since my book is literally out of my hands it feels sort of liberating.

I’ll let you know how it goes



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