An open letter to my editor

So the book I wrote then I was learning to walk again, (sorry for the melodrama but I’m setting the scene) is finished, and it’s been with you for about ten months. I have never seen it; I have actually forgotten what I wrote, so when I do get it back, perhaps I’ll be dazzled, perhaps not. Who knows?

Because I’m in London and it’s with you in America. A country I’ve ever been too, yet really would like to visit one day. I like America, I like Americans. You fascinate me, we colonized you…ok, we or you really could have been a bit more sensitive about that.  You wanted your freedom, you fought for it…and you won.

Since then we’ve kept an eye on you, seen you become a global superpower and you deserve it. You’re a fascinating country, you’re not perfect, no country is. A few things you need to work on, a free health service for all and Gay marriage in all fifty States…especially the latter.

So I like you America, I believe in your virtues and I champion the “American Dream”, which is why when I found an American editor, to send my book too…I got good vibes from you. I was happy to pay upfront courtesy of your website and testimonials and back in October of 2014. I sent my baby book to you, signed a contract and never saw it again.

I was prepared to give you the benefit of the doubt, sure I googled you, I know you’re unwell and I know how that feels. Perhaps I felt a kinship because we both know what it’s like to go through so much drama and emerge in the end. I’m not at the end yet…but I should be.

But then it never came back to me, my emails were and are still being ignored…it feels like you don’t care about my book. Your blog states that even though you’re a small town press, you would take anything and wouldn’t judge, because I guess it’s your job not to judge. So what is the reason you never sent my book back to me?

Is it because my character swears?

I didn’t give you Trainspotting; it’s a novella with a few swear words. My lead character Alex gets stressed, she smokes and she’s tense…I think anyone would be under the circumstances.

Is it because of her lifestyle?

Right, now I have to write this carefully because I don’t want to give anything away, but if you have an issue with it, well too bad. It’s never been illegal for her in the UK. It’s perfectly legal for her to love another in the same way as everyone else since 2003, and in a more meaningful way since last year.

I’m not accusing you of anything, how can I when you’ve never got in touch with me? All I know is that I paid you $130, and got nothing back. The only thing I feel about you is a disappointment. And since you’ve failed to get in touch with me, now I write this.

It’s quite sad really, since it’s a Christmas story and it was delayed last year, since it’s the most wonderful time of the year after all. And yes I still haven’t engaged a cover artist yet, but how can I, if my book isn’t back with me?

Now, I’m not saying that I’ve written the great British novella, I haven’t. It’s a Christmas story, not The Metamorphosis. But I’m proud of it, I wrote it at a time when was going through so much drama, called having to learn to walk all over again. It was a distraction, a distraction from the pain, from the frustration and I took pride in it, no I still take pride in it. But then you took it, and I guess discarded it. Why?

That’s all I have to say, but out of all the editors out there I choose you for a reason, and now…I have no more words to say.

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One Response to An open letter to my editor

  1. Jacqueline Cable says:

    Hi Jodie,
    Really sorry to hear about this. What’s the company and which state are they in? It could be easier for me to look into it from the U.S.?

    Btw, a quick side note, I just wanted to point out that gay marriage is legal is most of the U.S. 37 states in total, and because the federal government cannot (any longer) overturn the state law of gay marriage, it won’t be too long before it is possible in the whole country. Ok, maybe bar Utah.

    Hope this brings a teeny bit of good news and helps in some tiny way.

    Good luck!


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