I am never going to meet Michael Rooker

Even though I’ve been off my blog for a while, unforeseen circumstances…bit of a long story with that. But you have a blog you often write things in your head, as you think they’re going to happen.

I envisioned this time next week writing a post geeking out to the extreme because I had finally met Michael Rooker, for those who don’t know who he is, well turn in your geek membership…unless you’re not a geek.

If not, well Michael Rooker is a veteran of the screen and has a habit of playing villains, anti-heroes and straight up bastards. Not bad for a guy who got his big break playing the lead in Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer. It’s a very good film, he is awesome in it, and after popping up in everything including Mallrats, Days of Thunder, my favourite episode of Psych “Shawn takes a shot in the dark” and of course The Walking Dead, where he plays Merle Dixon. A character who is such an asshole and an antithesis to the main character, that if the Zombie Uprising ever happened I would actually be on Merle’s side as with him you’ll live.

The guy had to cut off his arm after all and came back more badass than ever; ok he died…that’s not a spoiler. It happened two years ago and The Walking Dead is a show where everyone can die…twice!

So I love this guy, the moment he appeared in Guardians of the Galaxy as Yondu Udonta, my little geek heart leapt with joy, now I’m the type of person, if it’s a film that I really want to see, I watch almost nothing, aside from the first trailer to get my interest. Let’s just say, even though I’m a comic fan, being a DC girl so I had never even heard of Guardians of the Galaxy. My first reactions pretty much went “What the hell is this” and ended with “Oh my God, it’s a raccoon with a machine gun!” And cue the major geek out!

Upon seeing the film, I was amazed, amused and did the big “Shit, it’s Michael Rooker” when the guy walked in covered in blue paint, and as always was awesome incarnate. I officially became a fan of Guardians of the Galaxy, not of the comics because I already collect enough DC titles, but of this fantastic film and its placement in the Marvel Universe.

I also think courtesy of this film since it’s been confirmed by James Gunn, the director, that J’Son of Spartax isn’t Peter Quill’s father, whom I think it is …I’ll explain at the end. Though however his “real” father is Yondu, since it’s clear throughout the film that he cares deeply for Peter.

Here is the evidence

  1. Even though he was pissed at Peter about stealing the orb, put out a bounty for him being returned alive, something that Kraglin just went “Yeah” even though Horuz was pissed at this and called Peter “cargo”, something that got Yondu irritated and the first time we saw the Yaka arrow.
  2. Seemed more interested in the whereabouts of Peter than the orb, when he saw the Broker
  3. Was trailing Peter, to Knowhere because he was concerned that Peter had escaped the Kyln with a bunch of misfits.
  4. Rescued Peter from deep space and ok, when you saw him through the port glass, did give the impression of a pissed off parent
  5. Threatened to kill Peter with the Yaka arrow, but turned away from having to watch him do it. I think that was just to save face with his crew
  6. Peter immediately blagged his way out of it and mentioned working together, bringing Gamora into it, making Yondu welcome him back in an instant and using the telling words.
  7. Peter Quill: Hey, what do you say, Yondu, huh? Me and you, taking down a mark side-by-side, like the old days.
  8. This shows that Yondu trained Peter throughout his youth, and the whole “eating you” line was just for the crew. Yondu may be as soft as hell it comes to Peter, but he’s not fond of showing sentiment to others and Peter never took that seriously anyway.
  9. In the Battle of Xander, Yondu was there in his own M-Ship and was the first to tell Peter that he was down
  10. Yondu was there for the end and knew for a fact that the orb didn’t contain the Infinity Stone but thought screw it
  11. The gift of the Troll doll, Peter could have given him nothing, but gave Yondu something that he must have wanted for twenty-six years to add to his collection. Additionally his collection may have been inspired from the trinkets Peter had in his backpack when he was abducted.
  12. Overall he kept him for twenty-six years, and since his father is a jackass and he was doing him a favour. So Yondu Udonta, Captain of the Ravagers is a sentimental bastard to the extreme.

As you can see since I’ve given this some thought, I am a fan of Yondu, and Guardians of the Galaxy, in fact it was the reason I finally upgraded to a Blu-ray player because I wanted to watch it with commentary, which is fantastic by the way.

guardias pics

Some of my Guardians stuff, I have the album too!

So when I found out that Michael Rooker was doing Starfury Invasion at Heathrow, a few months ago I was ecstatic.


Finally I would have a chance to meet this icon and tell him what I loved about the character, and after a few days of deliberation decided to fork out £160 of my hard earned money for a full weekend gold ticket, in which I get extra goodies and an invite to the parties each night…and we geeks know how to party!

All was well until last week, when I got in from work, went to my facebook page to find out that due to commitments he could have to cancel…the phrase gutted is the understatement of the year. Especially since I only have one weekend off a month, and picked Invasion over the MCM Expo at the Docklands, which was this weekend, so I missed out on meeting Hynden Walch!

Now I’m mature enough to know that Michael Rooker is a busy man, he’s working on Mallrats 2, to which I am looking forward to since it was the first film I ever saw directed by Kevin Smith, but at the  same time since I like Rooker’s Facebook page and this was to be his first UK event.

I have seen so many pictures and videos with his American fans, with the cosplayers, enthusiasts and fellow members of the Geek Nation. To have to accept that it will not happen to us next week…is gutting.

It feel like, since this weekend alone he was at a convention in the USA, since he had no commitments then, to have them this week, the week he should be at Starfury Invasion…is disappointment.

Ok, now that is an underwhelming word to describe how I feel. And I know I’m not the only one. With it being his first UK event, I know people are coming from all over the country and further to meet him, forking out a small fortune in hotel rooms.

I live near the Bath Road…trust me, the nearer you are to Heathrow, the more expensive the hotels are.  This is being held at the Radisson Edwardian, which aside from the fact it can be used as a set in Downton Abby isn’t cheap, and then a week before the event to find out that he can’t come…

At the time, the only thing that consoled me was that I could at least meet Sean Gunn, who is also in Guardians of the Galaxy as Kraglin. Who is the First Mate of The Eclector, the Ravagers ship and is also both technically Thanos and Rocket Raccoon.

He was the stand-in for both characters until Brolin and Cooper were cast and the CGI was completed, but he shares a lot of character traits with Rocket, from the tilt of their heads and the fact that their voices have this natural, almost easy sarcasm. I can see why they cast Cooper but the few moment we did see Kraglin, it was clear that he could have voiced Rocket entire with no issues, but he cancelled too…for the same reasons!

I get that since there are 52 weeks in the year, the chances are that both of them having commitments the same weekend does lead me to think that this is Guardians related. I am not mocking that since I loved the first film so much and 2017 can’t come fast enough for the sequel.

Additionally I have seen Sean Gunn in a few things over the years, but thought he was great as Sammy Capulet in Tromeo and Juliet. I have never seen him in Gilmore Girls because I have never seen Gilmore Girls, was told that he was good though!

Needless to say, even though I will still be going to the Convention, and I know being with my fellow Geek Brethren is always awesome, it’s going to be bittersweet. Which his why I think I’ve probably written the longest post on my blog since the day I started it.

Now this post could be construed as “Jodie is feeling sorry for herself”, and that I just wrote about myself in the third person!

However the people I really feel sorry for in all this is Starfury, they are a company that arranges conventions, bringing people together to celebrate, and suddenly their two headliners can’t make it. For a company, that is gutting even on their own Facebook page they’re still advertising him on their banner, and he’ll be in promotional materials because it’s too late to do anything about it…a bit of a reminder of the fickleness of human nature I imagine.


Regarding the Convention, since I can’t get a refund, at least Jena Malone from The Hunger Games is going to be there so I have some consolation.

Now I know that Sean Gunn and Michael Rooker are not going to read this and suddenly change their minds…I’m a geek, but I don’t believe in miracles. If miracles do happen then perhaps James Gunn, Josh Brolin, Lee Pace or even Bradley Cooper since he’s currently in the play The Elephant Man at The Theatre Royal in Haymarket would even consider popping in for a visit.

Hell, if we’re going to go to extremes perhaps Tom Hiddleston could even pop in since you know…I do think Loki is Peter Quills father! Yeah, you read that right, and here is my evidence

  1. Peter can survive in space longer than an average human should; indicating a connection to the Frost Giants…god knows how long Loki was falling through Space after all
  2. Peter can talk his way out of danger, a trait he shares with Loki. Both of them have the gift of the gab after all
  3. Peter is from an ancient face of people, who are a mystery…it’s clear that Asgard doesn’t really get involved with the rest of the Galaxy, hence the mystery, also the swirling pattern of Peter’s central nervous system does look like the soul forge in Thor: The Dark World
  4. After Peter touched the infinity stone and sees the image of his mother, the background looks like a rainbow with the colours, giving a hint to the rainbow bridge of Asgard
  5. I was re-watching Thor and Loki could blend in easier than Thor ever could indicate that he’s been on earth before. Thor pretty much acted like a plank and Loki well he’s Loki so everything he touches becomes awesome incarnate
  6. So Loki, because he was bored and wanted to explore travelled to Earth, met Meredith Quill, since I did notice upon re-watching Thor they all arrived on Earth in a glow of light. He convinced her that he was an Angel or something similar because he’s the trickster God for a reason. They made sweet sweet love which resulted in Peter Quill, but Loki knowing that Odin was looking for him had to leave with the promise he would be back later…which never happened.
  7. Loki using the Bifröst, and courtesy of this Heimdall also knows of Peter, learns that Meredith is dying so since at the time he thinks he’s a full Asgardian and is concerned that his son may be coming into his powers so decides to get his son off Earth.
  8. Loki since he needs time to get his son off, and aware that Odin hates hybrids as does much of Asgard he needs to do it quietly, since he knows that Odin will either be pissed beyond belief or accepting to Peter. Since he thinks (at the time at least) this will be his legitimate grandchild and heir to the throne, which brings the Ravagers into the story.
  9. Through a third party, Yondu is contacted and knows who the buyer is but decides that Loki is such a dick, just from his reputation that alone that Peter would be better off with him. The best thing is, is that Loki can’t do anything about it, because he’s realised he wants the throne too much, and that Odin would never accept Peter.

The biggest clue, however, is the final line of Yondu in Guardians of the Galaxy. Here’s the exchange.

Kraglin: Yeah, Quill turned out okay. It’s probably good we didn’t deliver him to his dad like we was hired to do.

Yondu Udonta: Yeah, that guy was a jackass.

Right, now Jackass is a simple word meaning fool, but according to several sources, here’s a link to a great article


Jackass – Fool – Trickster

Loki is the Trickster God in Norse Mythology…and this is my head canon and I’m sticking to it

However Michael Rooker and Sean Gunn, if there is any chance you could change your commitments, attend Starfury Invasion and let me know if I’m right, I would be really grateful

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