Day 2 of Starfury…sorta

Well right now there is a lull in the convention, so decided to head home for a few hours before heading back for the cosplay competition, and Party and it’s been a fun day. Since I’m not what you call a morning person and last night failed to get much sleep courtesy of Jenna (cheers dog) had a bit of a lie in before deciding to head back for the Paul Blackthorne singing at 14:30, only to see a message on facebook from a guy I met yesterday telling me there was a special event for gold holder at 14:00.

At this point it was 12:30 and I was coming out of the shower. You have never seen me move so fast in my entire life!

Thankfully I got down there with half an hour to spare, to find the specials event was half hour with one of the guests, and since I geeked out so much yesterday. Choose Jena Malone who sat right next to me, and got over my geekiness. Once again she is lovely, we got chatting about Pride and Prejudice since the Austenite’s are more rabid then The Hunger Game fans, and I remember the comments when she was cast as Lydia Bennet which I thought she did a stellar job, but she got grief because she’s an American. She nailed it however, and she spoke out the transition to adult actor after Stepmom and Contact. Sadly she couldn’t confirm if she’s Robin in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. I hope she is.

Straight after it was Paul Blackthorne’s Q and A. Yesterday I mentioned what a nice guy he is, yeah he still is. He talked about Arrow, how he got started, his long hard slog to be an actor. I did ask him if there was a role he had always wanted to play, after he asked me where I was from “Thirty minutes down the road” he told me he wanted to play the lead in The Flashman series, but couldn’t get the rights. Oh come on, my dad reads those, he would have been fantastic.  Additionally he’s also missing the footie for the convention…now that is dedication to us fans. I salute you

He also told us of his travels in India, and meeting the Dali Lama, and gave some advice about trying to see the smaller picture before the bigger picture. Seriously I need to start thinking like that, he doesn’t know if he’s going to be in the second Arrow spinoff DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. I bet he will

After that was the Jena talk, but because my foot hates me, had to go on a walk about turned to go outside and there was Jena standing next to a wall drinking coffee, my first reaction isn’t the best reaction…yes I swore.

Something she thankfully found amusing whilst I apologised and slunk away, not that I didn’t want to talk to he, but she deserved her privacy.

After her talk (I’m going to the one tomorrow) was the actual signing, as a gold holder I got my stuff signed first, of which everything is signed including my Arrow Season 1. I’m a happy Jodie right now, and Paul complemented me on my glasses. Prescription, FCUK, deal at Specsavers…I rule.

With the cosplay competition at 20:00 then decided to go home to catch up with my sisters, both K and R having come back from abroad today before I head back, the moment I type this up. But been a good day so far

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