My first Starfury

So today well now yesterday was my first ever Starfury Event, and since I am typing this at one am, and catching up with The Flash.

Been a good convention first day, well sort of since I got there very early, got registered with my gold ticket and was hanging around for a few hours, meeting my fellow Geeks, I pretty much found them straight away since I have “Geekdar”, and a very strong one.

The thing is about the Radisson., aside from the fact it’s perhaps the poshest hotel on the Bath Road, and the food is amazing. Let’s just say they normally host a let’s just say richer class of Clientele, and from what they saw tonight, tomorrow is the Cosplay competition…they have no idea. Let’s just say the myth of the stereotypical geek is false.

Since I was going solo to all of this, people did ask me if I was worried about safety. The only way to start a geek riot is to go into a convention and scream “Firefly is a pile of shit!” So no I wasn’t worried about my safety, when was the last time you saw a Geek riot? Have you ever? No!

Since I had time on my hands, I got chatting to my fellow brethren, and yes almost everyone was chatting about Michael Rooker, Sean Gunn and the lack of them at the convention.

Two particular awesome guys who since I told them I was blogging about this, requested their names not be used. I think because they’re so awesome, perhaps they would be considered High Lords in the Geek Community! No, really they are awesome blokes, informed me since they were smart enough to get normal weekend tickets over my Gold ticket, the headliners always cancel…I mean always do!

You know if I knew that at the time perhaps I wouldn’t have got a gold ticket, however with that I don’t have to pay for any additional autographs…this are often the “Con” part of any Convention.

I was also informed that the reason Rooker and Gunn weren’t there was that filming for Guardians 2 has already begun, something I don’t believe as according to James Gunn’s Facebook page, the script has only been written. I’m trying at this point not to play “What if”, but it’s bloody hard, since their presence or lack it has had an impact on the Con already and there was no souvenir book. But anyway, after getting to know more awesome people, I went in for the opening ceremony.

One thing I did notice was so many people at Invasion, have been to others events over the years, they really are a community unto themselves and it’s really nice to see no matter how the weekend unfolds. And at this point I met all the actual guests for the event.

Ok, let me break them down now.

Sandeep Parikh and Robin Thorsen from a show called the Guild. Going to put my hands up now and confess that I’ve never seen it.

Aaron Douglas, who plays Galen Tyrol on Battlestar Galactica, this was one show that was already finished when I tried to get into it, and then I heard how it ended and thought “I’m good”. Might change my mind in the future though.

Jena Malone, ok my first impression of her is that she is so petite and stunning. Been in loads of stuff that I’ve seen, but more recently is Johanna Mason in The Hunger Games Trilogy.

20150529_202607 20150529_202758

Paul Blackthorne who has been on loads of stuff including the Dresden Files and is Detective Quentin Lance in Arrow.

After this was the meet and great since it’s a gold ticket thing only…natch

Ok meeting the celebrities sitting at a table, with a little adorable five year old in a Spider-Man costume whose parents met at a Starfury Con, now if that doesn’t warm your soul nothing will in life. Who pretty much got everyone attention because he is so damn cute. Of course, this was mentioned to Sandeep Parikh and Robin Thorsen, who suggested matchmaking at the con…and this was the moment I mentioned I was single. Oh hell, really hope they don’t make good on that.

Next up was Jena Malone and ok I went star struck in her presence, to my embarrassment. Yes for once I had nothing to say…I know right. She is lovely, really down to earth. She mentioned The Hunger Games and what a blast it was to be in and I really can’t wait to see her in the last film since her role in Mockingjay Part 1 was pretty much a cameo.

With Aaron Douglas since he was wearing a Star Wars T-Shirt we all spent most of it, discussing the new Trilogy and how we all geeked out at the teaser trailer, a really nice guy, so tempted to try again with Battlestar one more time

And now Paul Blackthorne who since I love Arrow, it is so strange to hear him speaking with his British accent since he can nail an American one! On Arrow, he plays a character who’s permanently pissed and who seems three steps from reaching for a bottle. In real life, he’s so normal, a really down to earth guy. I didn’t know what I was expecting, but it wasn’t someone so normal like he is, well all of them are.

Now after this was the party, which even though I did say we Geeks know how to party…we do, since I know from experience, meaning my metal and alcohol do not go well together and since it’s the signings tomorrow and I want really want a clear head for, well for tomorrow anyway, straight after I’ll be enjoying a drink. So decided to chill out in the smoking area, to meet more of my fellow geeks and wound up playing a game called Cards against Humanity…for those who have never played it. Oh my god everyone needs too, it’s sick twisted and awesome.

So anyway the reason for this post is since I wrote 2000 words at how gutted I was at missing out on Michael Rooker and Sean Gunn, so far it’s been a great experience, so as you can see I’m finding some positives for this weekend.

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