Starfury Day 2 continued….

Paul's talk, he was awesome

Paul’s talk, he was awesome

So picking up where I left off, headed back to the Starfury for the cosplay competition, and before that they showed some clips of upcoming shows including s well as some Guild clips and this awesome song, which is now the official Geek Anthem.

This is our jam, from now on, spread the word and embrace this song. That being said, do we geeks have a song? Well, I guess the Imperial March in Star Wars, would come close.

We were also introduced to DC’S Legends of Tomorrow, which looks so badass, even though I know jack about most of the characters aside from their appearances in Arrow and  The Flash, however Arthur Darvill as Rip Hunter. I bet he’s smug right now.

So anyway the cosplay competition, which was judged by the guests for the weekend, and that little boy I mentioned from the day before was Rocket with a little knitted Groot whilst his parents were Star-Lord and Gamora, as you can imagine there were a lot of Guardian entries, and these are the moments I wish I had the guts to do cosplay.


There were a lot of Guardian entries, even though 1966 Batman won it, oh well sometimes you can get rid of a bomb! Was fun though and got some great pictures…as you can see.

The winner

The winner

Now even though it was a cosplay night, and my foot was killing me I spent the majority of it outside  geek bonding with others and drinking cocktails, I don’t care if you judge me, I only get one weekend off a month, and I take my shift working job seriously enough to be a puritan most of the time.

Constantine and I

Constantine and I

Also met a fantastic couple called Emma and Neil who had a Star Wars Wedding, come on a Star Wars wedding…which I’m torn since if I ever did get married I want to have it centred around Batman to actually having it in Hatfield House since every single Batman film has been filmed there…yes, I have given this a lot of thought.

May not have met Rooker, but still met Yondu

May not have met Rooker, but still met Yondu

So the second night was pretty much-spent geek bonding and it was about one am when I finally headed home fortified by cocktails and wound up telling two female cosplayers dressed as Loki and The Winter Soldier, they were a fanfiction waiting to happen. This apparently was the compliment of the night. But even though twenty-four hours earlier, since I was gutted about Rooker and Gunn, enjoyed myself more than I thought I would.

Day three, I’ll get to tomorrow

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