Am I over not meeting Michael Rooker?

Yeah, this one is a few days late…sorry. So picking up where I left off.

So the final day of Starfury, of which I missed most of courtesy of the cocktails the night before. Did get there in time for Jena’s Q and A which was lovely, seriously she really is an actress who started out with nothing, and even though  hate the film Stepmom, she did a good job holding her own in scenes with Julia Roberts

Jena is so awesome

Jena is so awesome

Pretty much after this there was a special final event for the gold holders in which we could get a picture signed apart from Aaron Douglas which you had to pay a tenner extra, which for some reason is known as a “Badger”. Still have no idea why! I got that personalised, because why the hell not.

However afterwards, there was a lull in the convention, as in a three hour one. Ok could have gone home, but it was Sunday. I’m not used to this, three hours with nothing. Well, thankfully I found Neil and Emily again, along with a few others but three hours. If I’m every at a  Convention thee is always something going one outside even if it is two guys settling their differences by having a lightsaber battle with “Duel of the Fates” in the background! But this, yeah this is a downer side of Starfury cons. Was with great people to the point, and yes I did apologise to Neil for talking his ears off the night before, to the point I  almost missed the closing ceremony and had to sit on the floor!

One thing I will give the conventions is that all the guests were down to earth and so normal, since this is something you don’t normally get with conventions. A chance to actually engage with the stars, that’s never happened before now. With this you can really see how the Starfury goers really are a little family until themselves, the fact that they welcomed me straight away is saying something.

Another awesome cosplayer...I need to do cosplay

Another awesome cosplayer…I need to do cosplay

After this was the final party, of which I enjoyed a cocktail and a little dance, also I did spot Aaron Douglas filming a group of us dancing to Single Ladies…I live in fear of checking if he put it out online.

So my first Starfury, what have I learned?

Chilling out with your geek brethren is always awesome, no matter the location, however, three hours lull isn’t cool at times

Everyone was wonderful and welcoming.

However, I did learn from other guests that many people did book then cancel when Rooker and Gunn were announced as no-shows. They actually brought their tickets and decided not to go, so there were about 60 gold tickets and just under 100 main tickets, yes it was small, very small. But what is the point of not going, I still had fun. Ok I was gutted and on some level still am, even though I am determined to meet both of them to the point I am amending the “”Geek List.”

But even though I am the woman who wrote an essay about how miffed I was about Rooker and Gunn, I met awesome people, and may be going to the Vampire Ball in November and had a really good time.

Now please excuse me, just checked out the Guild…it’s awesome.

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