An open apology to my editor

Right, so a few months back I wrote a post pretty much berating the editor I hired for my book since I do have a deadline that is looming and well I haven’t seen it since I sent it off almost a year ago.

I had no communications or updates and naturally I didn’t have my novella, so naturally I made assumptions.

I knew the subject matter would not be everyone’s cuppa tea or cup of Joe! But my god these were false ones, it’s no secret that I’ve been under some drama recently and out of respect for my family I can’t discuss it here, but it was rough.

I never thought that others would be under their own drama and battling their own demons, which is private to my editor and will not be discussed here. I choose her because she is a wonderful person and never really thought of her while I was waiting for my book.

However this week I got the explanation why…and needless to say I feel like crap since right now my file is being located in the USA to send to me.

Miscommunication can lead to assumptions and I drew the wrong conclusion since I’m thousands of miles away in London, and you’re in America, a country I need to visit one day.

But anyway, please let me say that I am so sorry you are going through so much drama and if I knew I would never have reacted like I did. I will not delete the original post since I stand by my words at all times, but I really wish I could have been told earlier so these conclusions valid as they were would never have been made.

It was after I Googled you and saw the feedback of the other authors that you helped, and yet you never got back to me…ok, I felt hurt since I just thought it was because of my character’s lifestyle.

Not everyone approves of it, but I respect everyone’s opinion on it. No right or wrong answers in life after all, and at the time it was the only conclusion I could come up with.

So all I can say is that I’m sorry, and if you ever come across this, I hope you accept it one day

Love Jodie xx

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