Back to the Future, and a Geekling’s Journey

Now I wasn’t going to write this, I wasn’t going to jump on the bandwagon, in which the Internet is full of Geek Pride, and crowing about this day, a day that has taken so long to come round, and now it’s finally here…and now everything in Back to the Future, is now in the past.

Where the hell is my Hoverboard?

God, this film lied to me, I remember as a wee Geekling at the age of nine, seeing the second film and admittedly it confused the hell out of me, with the whole going back and forth between 1985, 2015, 1985-A and then back to 1955…from a different angle!

I also saw the first one when I was five, the year it came out (my parents were cool). The plot was too complicated for my brain, with incest overtones (they were brief, however) and a car I thought was made up until I was about ten. The DeLorean DMC-12 does seem a bit ahead of its time, and ever since that moment I’ve had a dream of going 88 miles in one through a lightning storm…just to see what happens?

I’m going to say here, I’d probably be killed by such an attempt! You have to also give this Trilogy some respect, since the DeLorean DMC-12, would have been a footnote in history. Instead, it’s something revered by the Geek Nation.

I’m also going to say it here, about 1985-A, (the alternative present)the reason Marty’s siblings were not seen, was that his sister, Linda, played by Wendie Jo Sperber, who passed away in 2005 from breast cancer, and couldn’t be in the film because she was pregnant. Hence the reason Dave wasn’t in the film, aside from a deleted scene. Just had to break in to say this, she was a very good actress and was gone too soon xx

However, what I learned about the “ripple effect”, or the codes and conventions of time travel films, I learned from these film, since Marty McFly’ does show some out of character moments, turning someone so adorkable, into to someone who hates being pissed off.

Alternative parenting from George McFly will do that to you, even though Marty really does grow a pair over the course of all three films, and matures. You have to love the Trilogy films just for the character development, of every single person.

Aside from Marty and Doc, who I’ll be geeking out in a few sentences, my favourite character is Lorraine, Marty’s mum, played by the fantastic Lea Thompson who we see in the future, and looks fine, then in the past as a happy teenager, before her 1985-A self, which just broke my heart several times over.

The simple fact that in 1955, George saved her from being raped by Biff, and in this alternative timeline she’s forced to marry him, shows how sick their marriage really is.

BTTF2 really is a red hot mess of a trilogy, but one that works so well, especially since everything happens, because of Marty. But none of the films are about him.

The first: Trying to correct his family, and making us fall in love with the adorkable, George, played by Crispin Glover…his reason for not being in the sequels are a bit dickish, though. He didn’t like the ending for the first film and wanted the same salary as Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd. Even though I do think suing them, was good for him. I had to acknowledge it here.

The Second: Marty realising how much he’s screwed up, (ripple effect) and loses his father, who he really identified with, and trying to restore everything to the way it was.

The Third: Wild West and Doc gets the girl and my favourite one of the two sequels. Doc meets his soul mate, the fantastic Clara Clayton.

Being only five, when the first film came out, I had no idea what was going on, but just because it has a sequel hook, didn’t mean I wanted a sequel.

I had never had to wait for a film and thought the first was perfect the way it was. I developed a bit of a crush on Michael J Fox, went on to be terrified by Christopher Lloyd in “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”, and then I found out that there would be a sequel, and I guess I was indifferent.

But when I saw it, I was blown away.

What I’ve always liked about this unintentional Trilogy which never should have worked, is that not a single word is wasted, everything said and done has some consequence later on, from Biff watching A Fistful of Dollars in 1985-A from Marty using the same technique in 1885, which is also a call-back to how Doc survived being killed by the Libyans in 1985. It’s that perfect.

Another thing about BTTF, is that it’s not a big film, Marty goes through time but never leaves his home town of Hill Valley, but it feels bigger than what it is due to the consequences of the story, and that fantastic soundtrack by Alan Silvestri

What really makes these films work, is that you never question the relationship between Marty and Doc, even though Director Bob Gale did offer an explanation, which he was hired to do errands and found Doc has a great music collection because it works so well.

They’re both oddballs, who don’t fit in. naturally they would become friends, especially since in this timeline George McFly isn’t what you could call an attentive parent, and Marty needed a surrogate father.

Lloyd and Fox, work so well together that you just believe everything, over the course of three films both characters grow. Doc, who was a secret badass anyway, but goes on to face off against Mad Dog Tannen and Marty, takes responsibility for his actions, and every film is just perfect.

Well aside from the Hoverboard, 2015-10-21 got so much wrong. Thankfully we are not paying $50 for a bottle of Pepsi; there was no Jaws 19 “Shark still looks fake”, no flying cars, and no rehydrated pizza.

However, they did get google glasses, right and TV’s with video messaging and multiple channels. They also didn’t predict the Internet, but very few did. Aside from Jules Verne! They knew they were going to be off, so just decided to roll with it, and in effect inspired some of the technologies presented in this film. Sadly watching this at the age of nine, I was hoping technology would have advanced a little bit better.

Hoverboard anyone?

But apart from that, this is my favourite film Trilogy for a reason, and that; because of its sharp dialogue, fun lines, tight script and believable relationships between the characters. My only issue with BTTF 2 is that at the end of the film, it showed a trailer for the third one, that ruined the ending…but Doc still got the girl, so it’s all good.

Additionally, was I the only one who never noticed there were two Jennifer’s?

But to finish this, since I had to mark the occasion, everything in Back to the Future that is made possible is done through the actions of one woman. And that is the Clock Tower Lady, played by Elsa Raven, who was so incensed that Mayor Goldie Wilson (who was inspired by Marty to become Mayor, in the first place, and seems like a nice guy) who by giving the flyer to Marty, told him the time the lightning bolt would hit the Clock Tower, producing the 1.21 jigowatts, enabling Marty to go Back to the Future.

But to finish, I have to say one more time

Where is my Hoverboard?


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