The Release Date of A Twisted Christmas Carol

So, today was Publication Day, and since this is me, it naturally entailed staying up all night, uploading it twice, and having to contact Amazon to delete one of them.

But this is it, my second finished book and just in time for Christmas.

Now it’s over, I feel a bit sad and I know I’m not the only person to feel like this. This one took two years, a hell of a lot of rewrites, and editing and proofreading. But from what I see, I finally have perfection…at least I hope so.

I know that adaptations of A Christmas Carol are nothing new, but what I’ve done is something I have never read or seen, and hope that people will like my original take on the story. Additionally I never realised the story was so short, as only twenty-six thousand words.

But what’s next, well now I can direct my focus on to my Master’s and see what happens next.


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