My Critical Work: The Wise and Wild Child. Chapter 3

So here it is, the final chapter. My other essay will be up in a few days xx

It’s also short, it’s only 5000 words after all

Chapter Three

All was silence, as Sophia still on the ground tried to take in what was happening.

While and the three figures ghosts, Sprits…whatever they were, were all currently standing at the table and took a step closer to her.

Sophia pressed herself into the wall, hoping she could disappear, or they would disappear, and out of the corner of her eye could see her things still lying on the ground, almost parallel to her body, as unmoved from the moment she had dropped them.

Sophia eyes darted over, then and could see just behind them the three Kokatu’s statues and knew who the other two resembled, yet all of them were coloured blue, which made them look so unnatural. Then the Guardian stepped forwards, sending a jolt of fear into Sophia’s spine. He wasn’t tall; he seemed about five foot but wearing interlocking iron-plated armour.

Sophia had seen some early versions in Museums, which resembled what he wore, yet under he appeared to be wearing a long leather tunic. She would have asked him, more about that. But from the look on his face, he didn’t seem the type to enjoy casual conversations, as he was the first to speak to Sophia.

“So this is the girl? She reassembles a peasant”. His voice, which Sophia translated in her head sounded stern and rough, apparently not impressed at the sight before him. Something which caused the Entertainer, to move also, he was also clad in a simple tunic, but there was something that resembled a flute hanging on his waist with a leather cord.

He looked in his twenties and just gave her a smirk, which manages to break through Sophia’s fear and made her feel, infuriated while the Caregiver just lifted a perfect blue hand.

“She knows our traditions, and knows our ways and she was the one who restored us”, the Guardian said smoothly before the Guardian broke in aggressively.

“She knows nothing; she is a child”.

Sophia having the benefit of learning Korean from an early age, and practicing it daily since the writing had changed over the years, but the language mostly hadn’t just felt indignant, which was replacing her fear.

“Now I’m not I’m almost thirteen.”

It wasn’t exactly a surprise to find out that even though Sophia said it seem older, she instead sounded like a child and cringed inwardly. But she saw how she could speak their language, caused surprise to filter across their faces, which made them seem more human.

To Sophia’s surprise since she had been tormented the night before, now felt strangely calm, as the Guardian smiled at her once more, even though the Guardian had more to say.

“A peasant child”, he sneered as his gaze fell across her body, which perhaps was not intended to make her uncomfortable, yet succeeded in doing so. Ok, she was wearing a t-shirt and shorts, but they were appropriate no matter what anyone said.

(5000 word count)

“She is neither peasant nor child”, the Caregiver’s tone, was an apparent attempt to chastise the Guardian, who only scoffed but stepped back, as the only female in the group looked over to Sophia, who had taken the moment to get to her slightly shaking feet. An act that gave her a moment of confidence, yet she still remained at the wall as the Caregiver said to Sophia,  “Tell us your name, young one and where you are from?”

“Sophia, Sophia Chu”, he said after a moment’s hesitation and the Guardian just blinked.

“Excuse me!”

Even with the circumstances, since this was out of habit, Sophia just signed since matter where she went she always had to explain that. To friends, strangers and now apparently…whatever was in front of her.

“My dad’s Korean but my mom and I are American, it’s a country far away and it’s why I can understand you”. She explained, it was also where Sophia really wanted to be at that present moment in time, but she kept that to herself.

Upon hearing this simple statement, it was the Guardian who was the first to speak.

“So a peasant child, born on distant shore”, and it seemed that even though the comment was directed at Sophia, it was directed at the Caregiver who just responded calmly.

“Yet she was the one who entered our enclave, she was the one who presented us truly. Perhaps she is the one we seek”. Her smile was genuine, which was something Sophia appreciated, as she tried to process what the Guardian was saying, as the Entertainer finally opened his mouth,

“So she is the one we seek…how perfect”, the voice matched the age, which was slightly comical, as he threw the Guardian a look, which caused Sophia to pick up on some tension between the two, as Sophia finally cleared her throat, making all of their gazes fall upon her.

“Look, I don’t know who you are; I really want to get my stuff. I really shouldn’t be here.” Sophia managed to get out while all the figures just stared, and naturally just ignored her request.

“Yet you are here and perhaps you are her”, this came from the Entertainer, even though it had only been a few minutes, the words he had spoken were so cryptic, it managed to rile Sophia, who finally in all of this realised there was one thing she had forgotten to ask.

“Who are you?” Sophia finally managed to say, as the Guardian just grinned, an act that made him look a good decade younger. “Finally the peasant, asks something sensible. Let us tell you everything”.

“No,” said the Entertainer, “It’s been too long, and she may not understand our ways. Being born on distant shores may have made her ignorant”. He finished with a chuckle, which even though Sophia had somehow remained calm somehow, but now felt a small moment of dread, as the Entertainer continued.

“Let us show you. Let us see if this wild child, is as wise as she appears”. There was more to the words he was saying, Sophia was sure of this, yet she didn’t have the time to question it, as the world around her suddenly began to shift.



So here is it, in the entirety. Looking at it now, I can see the things I could have changed. But it’s still my work and I’m still very proud of it xx


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