Finding Clarity, when I went for the Goody Bag

This is an interesting one to write about. You know how when something you think will happen, becomes the direct opposite of what actually happens?

Let me start that again.

I’ve been off my own blog for a while because I have been going through some drama. Which I will write about, when I feel I’m able too.

Let’s just say, it’s a bad time, with a load of transition to get through.

However, nothing that will change about me, is that I love goody bags.

Perhaps it was from the birthday parties, I went to when I was little, or it’s nice to get something when you leave an event.

End of the day I like goody bags, especially from the high-end places I could never afford to go to unless there’s a lottery win in my future.

So, after looking on Eventbrite and seeing the “Women’s Transformation Seminar with Aveda, Covent Garden” on the 1st September. I was more focused on the goody bag and £15 off something in the shop, which after spending £15 on a ticket, I thought was a good deal.

And it was Covent Garden, and I love Covent Garden. Having spent many hours of my student days, just looking at stuff and the simple fact that it is full of eccentrics and no one can afford to live there.

To put this in comparison, the Disney Store is next to the Opera House. I have never been in the Opera House.

The moment I got it there, since there was only ticketed for ten people because the Aveda store there is tiny, yes it was one of those “The amount of times I walked past it and never saw it until now” type of situation. Also, I got a glass of prosecco and some healthy nibbles, so it was all good.

Even though I didn’t feel good.

The first thing, after the rest of these incredibly dressed professional women and me, were all seated and relaxed. We were introduced to Scott, given a questionnaire and how best to describe him is though the event page.

“Scott Warden from Aveda will be giving a talk about how to find your unique Ayurvedic constitution.

Scott is a holistic therapist who has studied and qualified in various disciplines including Ayurveda, reflexology, and massage. He has also studied and practised Reiki for many years and is a master in the Usui-Tibetan discipline.”

Scott, I am going to give his dues. He is funny, informative and knows his stuff. Looking back, though, I have to confess I really didn’t have a clue what he was talking about! It was about the Universes, Infinity, and the elements.


Next up was Samantha Hadfield.

A woman who introduced herself by proving she’s got more guts then I have, for having the strength to change her life, follow her passion and is now working in Covent Garden doing what she loves.

And whose job was to get us to open up to each other which for the first task meant we had to write something that’s on our mind, and we can’t tell anyone. It was all done anonymously and what I wrote…it’s anonymous for a reason.

After that, it was all read out, and mine wasn’t related to my looks. I never really care what I look like, but it was so fascinating to find out that so many women there who did.

Let me put it this way, having just come from work, and enduring the tube in rush hour. On a muggy September day, I was wearing jeans, a hoodie and looked like something the sea had coughed up! Yet these women who weren’t wearing trainers, had issues about how they looked?

Yes, I wasn’t going to let that go, and decided to tell them right away I thought they were stunning, in which I hoped they believed me.

After that, we discussed out deep dark secrets, and I expanded on mine…never had much to hide after all. I was honest; I told them at how I feel my life is, how I’ve been feeling over the past few months and how I really need to change it.

The simple fact that I restart university in a few months does for some reason not give me comfort even though I know it should be, combined with the fact that I’m approaching thirty-seven, and my life should not have turned out like this.

Yes, from that above confession I do need to change it all.

One other thing Sam did, was give us pink wristbands with the name of her company, and the statement “Keep going and remember why you started”, which I guess is a good lesson to remember and advised us to change bands, when we’re feeling stressed to transfer the negativity. I’m going to need more than just one band!

After that we spoke about what was on our mind, one of the number wanted to start her own business, the rest wanted a change. Yes, we were into the pursuit of happiness terrority, it’s just making the leap to do it.

The simple fact that I have to do it, and rid myself of the toxic things around me, is at least something.

It was weird in hindsight that I felt so comfortable talking with these strangers, no one would judge me for who I am and what I’m going through. Sometimes I am sick of people telling me to get over it…like it’s that simple.

What Sam did, though was tell us to set ourselves goals, and gave us a timeline to stick to them, to give ourselves something to aim for.

So with a plan to write three things about ourselves in a 1 week, 30 days, 90 days, 6 months and 1 year and I have to try to stick to them.

Here is my one-year goal.

September 2017

Finish Degree

New Job

Get to Japan

I have to try to stick to them; I have to get myself sorted out and get my Degree.

Listening to all these women, however, did get me thinking. We are all in the same boat, we all want something to move forward with our lives, suffering through similar dramas and issues.  Why this is never mentioned at the end?

Success stories make it look so easy when discussed. Pick up any magazine, all you read is.

“I had a dream, I followed it, and all my dreams came true.”

Forgetting the part, “I had wealthy parents, I came from a posh background, I went to private school and never thought about the part where I could fail.”

I never put much stock in those, history is full of people trying to make out they were more desperate than they were, as part of some Cinderella fantasy.

For the dreamers with no connections, it’s harder and easier to fail, but that’s why we have our passion. Proving someone wrong is the best Schadenfreude there is. Especially when those people openly want you to fail, so you will be just as miserable and unfulfilled as them.

So, in hindsight, Sam was excellent. She spoke to all of us at the end and asked me how I was feeling. In truth, I felt “Good, raw but good.”

Best thing really to take away from it all; however, Sam is wonderful and even though I am sure I will not be able to afford her services. I am personally recommending her to everyone.

And if anyone is wondering, in the Aveda goody bag I acquired.

Free twenty-minute facial

Hand Relief 40ml, which smells amazing

Thickening tonics styling spray 10ml

Style hair smoother.

I also brought courtesy of the £15 off voucher the Stress Fix Body Lotion and joined the Aveda Club, which meant I also got the beautifying composition oil for free. I also checked the RRP for the oil, it was £24.00. A pretty good night I’d say.

Mentally, this being the first thing I have written in six months. After going to the event and meeting Sam, I feel better. I know I have a long road ahead, but I am getting better.


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