Inspiration on the Embankment: Publishing Event

My name is Jodie Portugal and I want to be a writer.
Or I am a writer
Or I like to write
Every time I write that, I just sound pretentious, as if I’m pretending to be something I’m not.

It’s moments like this, when I require inspiration, which I found on the Embankment, titled.

How To Get Published with Bookends and Marie Claire 

It happened on Tuesday the 11th October, Tickets were £25 and entailed a master class, talks with four authors. Tasmina Perry, Mike Gayle, Kathryn Hughes and Tracy Rees and a goody bag containing the latest books from these fantastic writers.

I will get into the event later, let me just give you some background.
It took place at Embankment at a new building.

New buildings stand out in London, and are not actually considered part of the landscape. It typically takes fifty years for a building to be accepted. In response we give them nicknames to illustrate how ridiculous we find them. The Gherkin, The Shard, The Walkie-Talkie for examples. Which incidentally is the ugliest new building in London.

This new building, is anything but. Then again the Embankment isn’t really that old having been completed in 1870. Which for London and its historical buildings is considered young.

However Carmelite House, is stunning. If you ever imagined a publishing house, this is what a publishing house should be. Full of glass, maximizing the light, walls full of the company’s publications and if I was to every work in publishing. I want to work there.

They also have work experience placements, yes I am considering applying for one, and graduate placements too. I wonder if mature Masters students come under that?
It has a fantastic open terrace and one of the most stunning views of the Thames I have ever seen.


Sunset over the Thames. Always beautiful

On street level, London has its own very kind of organized chaos. It’s dirty, hectic, expensive and the Thames is polluted. London really is filthy. But it’s a special type of filth. Historical, if you will. Old town houses which were converted into flats, still have Victoria debris and smoke grit stuck to them

I remember the palaver a few years ago when they cleaned up Westminster Abbey for William and Catherine’s wedding. And it turned out that grime covering Gods House was protecting it from the dirt of the City.

However, standing on the terrace looking at the sunset, it’s very easy to forget how beautiful London truly is
London is grimy, but it’s my city. Hence I will defend it at all times, and whinge about it too. As is my right as a Londoner.

The actual event I’ll get to in my next post. But let me tell you about James Scott
Since this event was arranged with Marie Clare, which is a magazine aimed at women. There I met several fantastic women, with all of us harboring the same dream and to all of them there. I hope we all make it.

However, there were a few men there, which is where I met Mr James Scott. Though in truth I initially thought he worked there, or just rocked up from M16 Headquarters down the road. This man can rock a suit, believe me.

But like me he was a self-published author and gave me his business card, he has business cards…I need to get business cards. He had a good business card, professional but not too serious. I need to get some too, I have no idea what I would put on them, but I need business cards.



This is how you do a card

Having been through this before, he also gave me some advice about self-publishing. Because I didn’t know that Amazon only give a damn about your book if you have fifty reviews. Seriously I put my last book out for almost nothing…and got nothing back.
One review would have been helpful.

I got none, well so far.
Hint drop: if you’ve read the book please leave a review.
Mr Scott writes Thrillers, However I don’t like thrillers.
I’ve seen Gone Girl, own Girl on the Train but never read it and aside from films and The X-Files, I am not into thrillers. This is my exception; oh this is my exception to the rule. And this is one of the best decisions I made that day.
As soon as I got home, and having to get ready for work the next day, I found the time to download his book on my Kindle.
And this is the review I promised him.

“I don’t usually read thrillers, but having met the author, felt compelled to buy his novel. And this is one of the best decisions I made that day.
How to explain it.
Imagine being a lethal assassin, but you have no memory of what happens. Being kept as a slave to the Arena for years. They are confident in their abilities to control Laura, like a puppet. Imagine what happens when they find out they can’t?
What makes this novel stand out, is its length. It doesn’t waste time with realms of expositions. We learn what is going on, along with the characters. You understand their motivations, their actions, and even though it’s full of car chases, deaths and an uncompromising heroine who once she knows who she is. Knows exactly what she wants. This is a debut for a fantastic new author, and I happily await the second installment.”

So Mr Scott

Good luck with your fifty reviews xx
And much thanks to the organizers of the event, I will have my review of that up in a few days


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