Lost in the Land of Chocolate

This is something that has never happened to me before.

I got sick of chocolate.

Right now I can envision everyone I know shaking their heads in disbelief at this, but it’s true.

Sick of chocolate, tired of the magical goodness handed down by the Mesoamerican’s and I became sick of it.

Turns out a Chocolate Fair will do that, currently being held at London’s Olympia.

Courtesy of a day off and a half-price ticket with Timeout, I headed down there on Friday 14th October with two rules. Only spend £30 and try everything. I succeeded on both counts.

Picture a world of artisans (meaning expensive) chocolates, combined with all manner of combinations and flavors. Including clothing and art. Defiantly not a Cadbury or god forbid a Hershey’s’ in sight.

This is the real thing, like in Belgium, the land of chocolate. But the thing is, with good chocolate you don’t need to eat a lot to feel full. So in respect I didn’t eat a lot, but felt full. Yes, I am still deluding myself to my actual calorie content yesterday.

There was also a sold chocolate Benedict Cumberbatch, but I’ll rather have it be crafted into Chris Pratt’s from Guardians of the Galaxy…if I had the choice. I wish I had the choice.


“Well, hello”

Out of all the companies and you can see from the pictures, I’m just going to focus on the three which stood out to me.

Perhaps because it’s called Winchester Fine Chocolate, but I have to shout out to them, because their one of the newer displays at the event. And its Winchester, all locally sourced chocolate, and Winchester was my University.


Winchester Fine Chocolate and Zara

The owner of the company, Zara managed to get discovered before she graduated University and now supplied the Black Rat in Winchester.

The Black Rat for a University City,  is expensive, but looks like an average pub.

I envision if I put on my nicest dress (yes I own a dress), had my hair styled and got a mani and pedicure and tried to walk in. They wouldn’t just turn me away, but call the police and try to burn me as a witch!

From her I brought a chocolate star with the intention of waiting until Christmas. Well I intend too; I’ll just have to hide it under some tinsel or under the fairy at the top of the tree.

Next up, is Original Beans for their environmental message, not only is the chocolate is amazing but every time you buy a bar they plant a tree in the Bolivian Rainforest.


On your bar of chocolate, it gives you a code for your tree and you can watch its growth. One of the best ideas I have ever heard. It’s nice to enjoy chocolate and give back to the environment. And the chocolate really is amazing…and I’m giving back to the planet.

The last one up is Choctails, a genius idea done with perfection. Now you may have guessed, that this review is biased. But I am biased and honest about it.


Choctails. A marriage of chocolate and booze x

For a student, they were on the pricey side but for a marketing strategy sold the off cuts for £5 for ten chocolates. A brilliant marketing plan.

Combining alcohol and chocolate, they are a husband and wife team which put thought and effort into their product, and their product is incredible, the alcohol is present but not overpowering. It’s almost subtle in the detail.

That’s what is good about this show, not that it’s expensive, it is. But to meet real people passionate about their product and happy to show it off. There is so much to see there, from, chocolate clothes to chocolate you can hang it on the walls!



I want this dress, to wear not eat. Honest!

Here are the links to all the websites I have mentioned, and if you can the last day is tomorrow Sunday 16th October.





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