I am really never going to meet Michael Rooker!

Ok, here it comes a geek whinge.

On this blog, I’ve never hidden the fact that I am a geek. I have no “Inner Geek”, I walked into a comic book shop at 14. And entered into a covenant. If I would embrace the geekling within and shed my previous life, I would then be reborn as a member of the geek nation.

Fellow geeks know what I am talking about, and those who are not are just thinking “What the hell is she talking about?”

And then from this point, my life would be awesome.

In truth, it mostly has been.

In the geek communities, sometimes we discuss our geek lords. Now a geek lord/lady/master. Is the moment the interest is first struck?

For me, it begun with I was 9 and it was Ron Perlman in Beauty and the Beast. I had no idea what he looked like until I saw him in Cronos, many years later. Ron Perlman is one of those actors who isn’t as famous as he deserves to be. Has been in bad films but never a bad performance and I would love to meet him.

The other is Michael Rooker

I do not know when I first saw him in anything. Though I suspect it was either Days of Thunder or Mississippi Burning.

Now let me talk about Slither, and he be spoilers if you haven’t seen it

Slither is an important film since it’s one of the few where he has a lead role and one where how you think he will act, isn’t how he is.

In most films set in the Deep South, you get the obligatory stereotypes of the sad little kings in their sad little hills, and the racist red neck with the down beaten wife.

Which is the first impression when you meet Grantham Grant.

At no point do you doubt his love and dedication to his wife, Starla. He is frustrated since her interest has waned, but doesn’t try to force her, he turns down a chance to cheat on her, and even after he was possessed, he never loses that love.

Even though Grant effectively died the moment, he was possessed by the Martians, and please debate elsewhere if that is a generic term from those from Mars or anything coming from outer space.

Incidentally, the film was written and directed by James Gunn from Guardians of the Galaxy and does contain some fantastic dialogue.

It’s a character like that which does stand out in a film like this, and in truth, he technically “dies” in the first twenty minutes. Yet manages to make the audience feel sorry for him.

If I haven’t sold you on the film yet or the talents of Michael Rooker, just watch Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, which as a film should never have worked. The clothes were the actors own, the car was falling apart, and it’s a film about a Serial Killer…who perhaps is not the worst person in the film. Incidentally, Rooker stayed in character throughout the entire shoot, and I pulled this gem from IMDB

Indeed, so in-character did Rooker remain, that during the shoot, his wife discovered she was pregnant, but she waited until filming had stopped before she told him.

Now that is intensity

Reasons like this are the reason why he’s one of my favourite actors. Even guest appearances in shows stand out, for example, my favourite episode of Psych “Shaun takes a shot in the dark.”

Very much like Ron Perlman, this is the reason why he’s one of my favourite actors. Though I was trying to keep spoiler free until I saw Guardians of the Galaxy and almost choked when he appeared as Yondu. Deep down I feel more excited he’s joining the Guardians in Vol 2.

Looking over his film list I have noticed he’s never played a romantic lead, and I want him too. I can envision something slow and romantic about two emotionally shattered people learning to love again and individuals who are trying to force them apart. Well in my heads it looks fantastic

Now last year, I wrote a long blog post since he was meant to come over to an event in London, which due to the different nature of Hollywood, sadly didn’t happen after I shelled out £125 for the ticket.

However, I did enjoy Starfury, met Jena Malone and Paul Blackthorn and made some fantastic friends. However, it was missing something and that something was Michael Rooker.

Then I found out he’s back next year in London, and this is the moment where being a Geek, can bite you in the wallet/arse.

Now at this comic con, if I pay £36.00 for a standard ticket there is no chance I’ll get to meet him, so that leads the Premium Tickets. So it’s £180.00, £410.00 or the jaw-dropping £745.00!

And sadly being burnt last year, if he has to cancel…then what?

Yeah, unfortunately, as a mature working student…how the hell can I afford this?

What makes it worse is that Sean Gunn will also be there, and for those who’ve never heard of him, well for shame.

He’s Kirk in Gilmore Girls, which I have still never seen. Was Sammy in Tromeo and Juliet, and appeared in two episodes of Angel, playing two different characters, was Kraglin and who I consider real Rocket in Guardians of the Galaxy.

By real Rocket, he was the original voice and motion capture. Next time you watch Guardians, (if you ever need an excuse) compare Kraglin to Rocket. They have similar body movements and tilt their heads the same way. Also, the voice mannerisms even though Rocket was dubbed by Bradley Cooper are virtually identical.

Additionally, I’m friends with Sean Gunn on Facebook, and he had a great relationship with his fans, he loves what he does…and loves cats.

Yeah, It’s impossible to hate on someone like Sean Gunn.

Also even though the trailer hasn’t dropped yet both of these awesome actors appear in The Belko Experiment, a film about office drones who have to kill each other in a corporate Lord of the Flies, so to speak.

Since this will be based on office politics, and both Rooker and Gunn are a maintenance man and cafeteria worker respectively.

I’m guessing a lot of pent-up rage at being at the bottom of the totem pole of white collar workers will hopefully have both lasting to the end, or tearing up the place and/or going down in a blaze of glory. Ok, that’s what I’m hoping.

So fellow members of the geek nation, thanks for indulging me and what do I do? Do I take the risk or not at booking tickets?  Because I’ve seen so many pictures of both these men meeting their fans and they always come across as so approachable and excellent. So I take the risk so I can be one of them?

Any advice, please let me know.

And here be the link the the Heroes and Villians Fan Fest x


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