New Spiritual Beginnings

This is one of those, looking at Eventbrite, lured by the idea of the goodie bag, and this event was free. I’m a working student, I’m led towards things like this. Yeah, free stuff is always awesome.

So Bethnal Green beckoned at the You Are Here Studio + Harvey & Mills, which incidentally even though I am a Londoner. I, until this point, had never been to Bethnal Green. Which is pretty much like any London district and the location, was less than a minute from the tube station.

Though in truth, I initially walked past it, since the place is a strange hybrid of businesses and residential areas. Which after I stepped in, was impressed by the art on the walls, and the simple fact it reminded me of the musical Rent.

Well, if the characters in Rent took some responsibility for their lives, stopped acting like victims and got actual jobs. Instead of living in poverty claiming to “stick it to the man”.

I liked the organised chaos of this place, and though small, since I had no idea what to expect, was met by some of the friendliest people in the entire universe who have managed to make their passion, their living.

I’m drawn to inspiring people, hoping to be inspired…I wasn’t disappointed that day.

Thankfully I missed the Yoga classes they were putting on, having tried Yoga in the past, and well I’m not that fantastic at it. Yeah, an understatement of the year.

But moving on.

After finding the studio, well maintained. I met the suppliers and sellers, and since this was a popup, I was able to meet everyone there.

Let me start with fisical, and naturally, all links will be at the end of the post. Where I met the stunning Ashlyn, who in a market where it is too easy to fail. Has managed to keep hers going for the past five years while being a yoga teacher.


fisical, some amazing products

The scent from her products was what led me into the room, and I am giving her full respect, not because she is friendly, but she has managed to maintain her company. Her products are all organic, original and even though I didn’t buy anything, pretty good prices.

Also in the room, was Emily Newson, who was also supported by her son and her fantastic products. I was drawn to the body butter, made with natural honey which was out of my prince range.

However, it is amazing the fact that I am writing this at ten o’clock at night and can still smell it only my skin having endured central London on a Saturday is saying something. Incidentally, Emily is by profession a makeup artist, and her website…it’s below. Just check it out.


the very  reasonable price list


Naturally, my desire to buy pretty organic things, from wonderful people is always hampered by something called my back balance, which I have to be mindful of at all times. But then I made an exception. That exception was Manas Organics

Now I have a thing about handmade candles, maintaining that the secret ingredient is love! They always burn longer due to soy wax and the scent last ages. With owner Jo at the helm, who started the company while on maternity leave. She had a baby and started a business…there is nothing more to say.

Out of all her products she also created the “I” range of candles and my treat to myself was “I Rest”, containing. “Lavender, Frankincense & Chamomile”. To help with stress and sleep, one I have too much of, the other I don’t get enough of. All beautifully packaged by the way.


Such amazing things

In the largest studio was Harvey & Mills, though out of my price range has some of the most amazing Yoga clothes I have ever seen. I may not know much about yoga, but I know my fabrics and knew straight away they were made from breathable cotton, which was inspired by Emily Honeywell’s own experiences.

They are detailed, original, bohemian without being pretentious and the fabrics comes from Italy. Now, if you have Eczema or Psoriasis, the material is so light, it felt like nothing in my hands, and it stretched…but kept its shape.

If you are into your yoga, and hardcore or like me who doesn’t know the difference between a Cobra Pose or the Downward Facing Dog! This is a company I am recommending to you.  Additionally, the creator of this very new, but deserves to become a very established company. Also, Emily named the business after her miniature dachshund, Harvey.


The amazing Emily Honeywell

As a fellow dog owner, I will endorse this company a hundred percent.

So, this was my experience of the event, my thanks to You Are Here Studio + Harvey & Mills for arranging it all. Thank you for the free tickets and the content of my free goody bag, which contained

A facial mud pack from Manas Organics

Innocent Smoothie Berry Protein

iChoc vegan chocolate bar

Bluebird TeaPack’d Detox Superfood Mix

Virtue Sparkling Water, Berries flavoured

Raw Cacao Ombar 72% Chocolate bar

£5 fisical gift voucher

Perkulatte Indonesian Java Bayukidal – Dark chocolate with a citrus twist


yea free stuff xx

I got coffee and chocolate…this was a great day xx


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One Response to New Spiritual Beginnings

  1. Thank you Jodie, that is such a lovely writeup of the event, and I truly appreciate your kind words about Harvey & Mills! ❤ I will treasure this article. I hope to see you again soon. Emily xx

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